Essential Information

Leeds Athletic Netball Club adheres to a Code of Conduct as outlined below. As a club athlete and club representative, we expect this standard to be followed and maintained at all times during matches, training and club activities.

LANC also follows standards and ethics in accordance with all England Netball policies, such as anti-bullying and whistleblowing. Anyone not complying with club policies and code of conduct will be managed in an appropriate manner including expulsion from LANC if necessary. Compliance with club policies and code of conduct is crucial to maintain the club’s reputation.

Code of Conduct for Supporters
  • Encourage adherence to the rules and playing within them
  • Support involvement and help enjoyment of the sport
  • Publicly, and with grace, accept an official judgment, including that of coaches
  • Discourage unfair play and dissent with officials
  • Set a good example, recognise fair play, and congratulate everyone’s performance
  • Help athletes recognise good performance, not just results
  • Never punish or belittle participants for losing or making mistakes
  • Use correct and appropriate language at all times
  • Respect viewing regulations at matches and accept court-side viewing is not permitted at training
  • Do not take videos or photographs without club permission
Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians
  • Encourage your athlete to learn the rules and play within them
  • Read the rules to understand the game, to be able to discuss with your athlete
  • Ensure you know where and when matches will be played
  • Never force your athlete to take part in sport
  • Support your athlete’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport
  • Publicly and with grace accept officials’ judgments, including that of coaches and club administration
  • Discourage unfair play and dissent with officials
  • Set a good example, recognise fair play, and congratulate everyone’s performance
  • Help your athlete to recognise good performance, not just results
  • Never punish or belittle an athlete for losing or making mistakes
  • Use correct and appropriate language at all times
  • Reply promptly to any communication
  • Visit the website regularly for up-to-date information
  • Pay fees promptly
  • In accordance with club safeguarding, please only use social media for practical issues related to the club
  • Thank the coaches, officials and volunteers,  do not interfere with their decisions
  • Promote this code of conduct to other parents and supporters
  • Respect viewing regulations at matches and accept court-side viewing is not permitted at  training
  • Do not take videos or photographs without club permission
  • Be aware of England Safeguarding Policy and report and concerns to the club Safeguarding Officer
Code of Conduct for Athletes
  • Attend training regularly and be available for competitions
  • Promptly inform your team captain/coach/team administrator of any attendance delays or absence/sickness/injury
  • Pay fees promptly
  • Know the date, time and venue of training sessions and matches
  • Maintain an enthusiastic and positive attitude at training and matches
  • All mobile phones must be switched off before the start of training sessions and matches
  • Bring sufficient water and snacks to training sessions and matches
  • Arrive in plenty of time for training and matches and be proactive with your own warm-up on arrival
  • Have appropriate sports kit and appearance (LANC kit, trainers, short nails, long hair tied back, no jewellery) for training sessions and match play, as agreed with the team captain or coach
  • Remember your kit bag, water, towel, medication (if required) etc
  • Be aware of the rules as issued by England Netball and play accordingly in the spirit of the game
  • Display sportsmanship. Listen to advice. Respond to instruction
  • Enjoy and aspire to the highest standard of play of which you are capable
  • Treat team mates, coaches, umpires, other members of the club and opponents with respect
  • Ensure everyone is included, even if they are not your friend
  • Accept the fact that you may not be selected for a match or may be substituted during a match
  • Respect and accept an official or coach decision with grace
  • Never use bad language or insult opponents, coaches or spectators
  • If using social media, think before you post
  • Never drink alcohol, vape, smoke or use illegal drugs at any event when representing the club. This includes tournaments and competitions involving overnight stays. A breach of this policy will be taken extremely seriously and may result in expulsion from LANC.
Code of Conduct for Coaches
  • Be a positive role model for netball by acting in a way that projects a positive image of my role within netball and being fair, considerate and honest with participants and officials
  • Display high standards in my language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation to ensure that all time spent with me by participants or colleagues is a positive experience
  • Exercise reasonable care and skill when carrying out my duties, including but not limited to keeping all my qualifications up to date, have knowledge of the latest practices and developments by taking up further education and other personal and professional development opportunities
  • Be consistent, independent and demonstrate complete impartiality through exercising reasonable care and skill to enforce the rules of the game by applying them fairly and to effect control of the game
  • As a coach, seek to inspire and motivate in accordance with an individual’s abilities to enable them to play to the best of their ability and realise their potential
  • As a coach, provide athletes with planned and structured training programmes appropriate to their abilities and goals by ensuring that equal attention and opportunities are available to all, including those requiring a modified plan due to sickness or injury
  • As a Lead Coach be prepared and comfortable, mentoring less experienced Coaches affording them the opportunities to lead sessions I observe. Offer appropriate, planned, structured and or in the moment feedback to assist their developmental needs and goals
  • Be mentally and physically fit to carry out my role within netball
  • Ensure that the training and/or Competition environment is safe and appropriate for the age, physical and emotional maturity, experience and ability of the athletes
  • Ensure that I have read the current documents and abide by the principles outlined in all the England netball policies and guidelines.
  • Ensure that I follow instructions and comply with all health and safety regulations that apply to the role I am undertaking.
Photograph and Video Permission and Social Media

To promote the club and associated events, photographs and videos of athletes and members will be used (local newspaper, England Netball Magazine, LANC website, social media etc.). These images will also be used as a visual aid for the athletes and coaches when analyzing technique and skills; however, this cannot happen without informed consent and permission. All athletes are asked for consent on the LANC FORM when joining. If you have not received this form please let us know as soon as possible.

If you, or any member of your friends and family, wish to take photographs or video record a match, you must ask permission from the coach or safeguarding officer at least one week in advance so that, in accordance with league rules, arrangements can be made, and permission sought with the opposition and umpires. Non-compliance may cause the athlete or team embarrassment, and a LANC representative will be required to address the breach of safeguarding regulations.

Pay respectful care, attention and caution when posting pictures of junior athletes (U18) on social media where any non-LANC member players are visible. Keep messages simple, factual and practical, avoiding any communication that can be misconstrued or misinterpreted. LANC cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the misuse of any media material or comments that are not compliant with the rules of engagement and management of the club.

England Netball Membership

All athletes must pay their own membership fees at England Netball, the price varies according to age, but all include mandatory membership to Yorkshire Netball and West Yorkshire Netball. These fees include athlete insurance. All athletes must have EN membership before taking to court in any matches.

Club Fees

All players and parent must pay annual membership for the season.

The club requests £175 to be paid within 7 days of receiving a ‘successful’ trial letter securing the players position in the squad for the forth coming season.

The remaining payment MUST be paid before season training commences in September (date will vary).

If this payment has not been received, the player CAN NOT train. Initial contact will be made by email and if there has been no contact the player/ parent will receive a follow up phone call.

The Club reserves the right to retract the offer of a place at LANC for the forth coming season if payments are not made in conjunction with the club policy.

LANC Membership Fees

The fees include venue hire costs, coaching fees, coaching and team and  admin DBS, safeguarding certificates, coach development, plus equipment maintenance and replacement, Fees do not cover playing kit or match fees.

Fees cover training up to Easter (unless otherwise specified), plus access to club activities for the year e.g. Netball Nights and West Yorkshire Summer League. Any additional training sessions for specific age groups and competitions thereafter will be charged separately, e.g. National Netball Finals and Tournaments.

LANC Policy on Refunds

The Club operates a “no refund policy”.

Part refunds can be considered in exceptional circumstances where the player is unable to train or play for the remainder of the season due to injury or illness. This decision is made at committee level. The Club reserves the right to retain the first £100 of paid fees to cover venue and coaching cost for the season under any circumstance.

LANC Hardship Fund

The Club is sympathetic to the financial situation of its members. To access this fund the committee would need to be satisfied that the applicant was making reasonable adjustments and claiming benefits / income support from the state.

A designated member of the committee would be assigned to liaise with the applicant in a confidential and sensitive manner. The decision to support a player financially would need to be taken in conjunction with coaches and the amount of support the Club is able to provide is decided on an individual bases in association with the current committee.

The Club reserves the right to decline applications.

LANC Fees for this Season
  • Seniors £350
  • University students and returning seniors £280
  • U16 £340
  • U14 £330
  • U13 £320
  • U12 £310
  • U11 £300
  • U10 £300

The above fees are based on one training session per week from September to Easter.  An additional monthly training fee for teams that train twice weekly is £35 per month.

Payment of Fees

Preferably, athlete fees should be paid by bank transfer, to:

  • HSBC Account number: 02353423
  • Sort Code: 40-03-33
  • With the athlete’s surname as Reference

If there is any difficulty with payment of fees, consideration in exceptional cases can be discussed with the Club Chair.

Match Fees

Match fees are usually paid weekly after each game, to the team admin with online payment.

Price per quarter

● Premier £2.50
● Regional £3.50
● West Yorkshire £3.50
● Netball Nights £2.50

● West Yorkshire League £2.50
● Bury League £2.50
● ENG £2.50
● Regional £3.50

Tournaments and other competitions to be priced up separately.


Fees for tournament vary with deposits and balancing payments being required well in advance.
Tournaments can be some distance away or played over 2 days. Hotel accommodation is often required.

Additional Costs

Athletes are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. From time to time, teams will be entered into tournaments for development and experience. Any associated costs will be due by the athlete.

All Team admins run a whats app group for important information.

Date and timings for matches can be found on a Heja App used by most age groups.

LANC Training Calendar

Training times, days and venues are found on “Our teams” page

  • Sessions will continue throughout the year including through school holidays.
  • There is a break from training over the Christmas and New Year period and two weeks in the summer.
  • During October half-term and February half-term a decision based on commitments will be made whether or not to train.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these dates may be impacted by exam schedules and venue availability

One of the great strengths of Leeds Athletic Netball Club is the ability to offer competitive match play at many different levels. Selections for match play can be made for a variety of reasons apart from the desire to simply win. Athletes may be rotated out of their preferred playing position during a match in order to test different athlete dynamics and development combinations. Athletes will occasionally have the opportunity to play up an age group in matches, when the coaches decide that it is appropriate and suitable for player development.

Following trials, successful athletes will be accepted into one or more squads. Each squad has a nominated Coach and Team Administrator. The Coach’s primary responsibility is the selection and performance of their squad. The Team Administrator’s primary responsibility is to assist the coach with administrative matters for the smooth running of their squad rather than being involved in selection.

Please acknowledge and respect the crucial contribution made by the administration volunteers who work hard to ensure that the right athletes get to the right place at the right time every week. As a measure of respect for the work they do, please reply promptly to any. correspondence.

Selection of an athlete into an assigned squad does not automatically assume that they will be selected for match play and get court time. Selection to the playing squad for a match rests solely on the decision of the coaching team. Parents, please respect these decisions. If parent volunteers are helping to run a team, the Coach will give them athlete playing rotations, which they will follow; these playing rotations will only change in exceptional circumstances.

Team Administrators will notify athletes of their selection as quickly as possible; however, final selection will be dependent on an athlete’s attendance at training unless they have otherwise discussed differently with their Coach. When athletes are playing in more than one team, squad selection is inevitably more complex and notification may be at a later point in the week.

Any suggestions, comments or concerns relating to squad or match play selection should be directed solely to Head Coach Anna Carter at

Athletes are expected to attend all training sessions, and all matches for which they are selected. If, for any reason, an athlete is not able to attend a training session or a match for which she is selected, she must contact her Coach or Team Administrator as soon as possible. If an athlete knows in advance that she will not be available for selection (e.g. school field trip), she must inform her Coach and Team Administrator as far in advance as possible. Athletes who do not attend training regularly, or who break the Club’s Code of Conduct may rule themselves out of selection.

At LANC, there is a great opportunity to transition athletes from Junior to Senior match play. Our squad structure provides a unique framework which enables athletes to develop their knowledge and performance by playing with a group of talented and experienced athletes. The pathway takes athletes from early key stages of Junior Age Groups and Netball Nights (often at U14) to West Yorkshire Seniors and Senior Regional Leagues, often at U16 (both of which are top level netball in Yorkshire). Playing in the Premier League is competing with the best in the country.

In addition to playing at LANC, many U15/U17/U19/U21 athletes may also be selected to train and play for various academies. Player development and skill improvement takes hours of practice and dedicated focus on key areas such as core strength through S&C sessions at home or under structured guidance. Additionally, attending specialist netball workshops, netball camps, training centres to enrich the athletes’ experiences, and using media resources to watch netball (e.g. Senior club, Internationals, SuperLeague, Aus/NZ) helps athletes gain a better understanding of elite netball to develop their own game. Having a go at being a support coach or umpire is a way of learning more about the game from a different perspective and broadens the knowledge of netball.

A good framework of advice given to athletes and parents in the National Academy is that athletes should look to have three broad categories of exposure over a season:

  • Comfort Zone – achieve well within the athlete’s comfort zone, not massively tested, can try lots of new things and try a netball leadership role at school or within a club
  • Testing Zone – not all easy so that athletes are tested, but able to try some new areas of play whilst consolidating and improving skill and technique
  • Out of Comfort Zone – playing above expectation and significantly out of the athlete’s comfort zone. Experience against strong opponents, although probably with limited actual court time but, nevertheless, development gained by observation and time on the bench

Athlete development is different for each athlete at various stages on their netball journey. At LANC, this is managed and monitored by the coaches who will strive to develop your daughter’s ability to meet their maximum potential; however, this can only be achieved with athlete cooperation and respect for the coaches and the development process. All athletes should consider how to improve and manage their development expectations and goals, albeit that there may be challenges and disappointment along the way.

Parental support and management of athlete expectation can be challenging, especially as LANC is a high performance club that encourages and strives to win leagues and develop talented athletes. This club ethos achieves consistent results and sees LANC teams qualify for National Finals each year, plus, the teams often finish at or near the top of the leagues. These results create opportunities for LANC athletes to play and compete at higher levels of netball than in lower leagues which do not offer the same opportunities.

As clearly outlined in the LANC selection policy, court time is never guaranteed, and selection is entirely at the coach’s discretion. As a LANC member, if you are not happy or wish to discuss any pertinent issues, please arrange a meeting with the team coach. Please support your daughter through any disappointment, by being realistic and encouraging a strong work ethic and positive attitude. Parental expectation can often hinder rather than enhance an athlete’s progress; therefore, it is important to read all the information on our website and make an informed choice that LANC is the right place for you and your daughter.

Senior Leagues


LANC Senior squads compete in the National Premier League, Yorkshire Regional Leagues and the top division of the West Yorkshire League and Netball Nights. Usually, athletes must be in at least the upper U16 age group to compete in these leagues.

Trials for Senior athletes are held each June, and selected athletes are expected to attend weekly training sessions. Athletes may be selected to compete in more than one league depending upon their ability and the regulations applicable to that league.

National Premier League

The National Premier League, founded at the beginning of the 2006/07 season, is run and managed by England Netball. Initially run as two divisions, the league was expanded in the 2010/11 season to accommodate a third division. Premier League netball is the highest level of club netball in the country, and the teams that make up the three divisions have successfully achieved this through a grueling county, regional and national pathway to take one of 30 coveted places.

The LANC squad competes in the second division this year and travels the country throughout the netball season of September to April. Teams compete against each other on a home and away basis, usually a Sunday fixture. Results for all Premier League games can be viewed on the England Netball website. England U17, U19, U21 and Senior England athletes regularly compete in this league, and athletes from other LANC squads are positively encouraged to come and support their teams. All home matches are usually on a Sunday at Leeds Beckett University, Headingley.

Yorkshire Regional League 1

The Yorkshire Regional League 1 is the top division of the league, run by the Yorkshire Regional League Management Board. Participation comprising of teams only from the Yorkshire Region is limited to 10 teams who play on a home and away venues throughout the netball season September to April, on Saturday or Sunday. This offers a high level of quality competition whilst also preparing teams and athletes to potentially compete in the England Netball National Premier League. The team that finishes in 8th position is automatically relegated to regional league 2. The team that finishes in 7th position may, through playoffs, remain in regional League 1 for the following season or may be relegated to regional league 2.

West Yorkshire Senior League

The West Yorkshire Senior League comprises 7 divisions of 10 teams per division and is run by the West Yorkshire League Committee. The divisions are called West Yorkshire Super League, (not to be confused with Vitality Superleague), Premier League (not to be confused with National Premier League as above) and Divisions 1-5.

A LANC squad plays in the Superleague Division and matches are played on a Saturday at central venues across the West Yorkshire Region. At the end of each season, teams may be promoted or relegated according to their overall finishing position within the League and compliant to League regulations. The League is mainly adult athletes, although athletes over the age of 14 are eligible to play. There is also a West Yorkshire Summer League in which LANC enter a team to transition U16 athletes to senior netball.

Netball Nights and Summer Leagues

LANC enters teams into the West Yorkshire Summer League. Netball Night matches are played on a Wednesday evening and West Yorkshire matches on Saturday mornings . The teams may be of mixed age and may include both senior and junior athletes. These fixtures help to develop the younger athletes whilst also offering court time for athletes of all ages.

Junior Leagues

LANC welcomes junior athletes from the age of 8. Junior squads compete in the West Yorkshire Junior League in U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 and U16 age-banded divisions.

Trials for U11, U12,U13, U14, U15 and U16 athletes are held each Summer, and selected athletes are expected to attend weekly training sessions. U10 and younger children are not expected to trial.

LANC endeavors to provide a variety of playing opportunities for different age groups and sometimes mixes players from different age groups to enable them to gain quality match experience. Besides the Junior leagues explained below, LANC also enters tournaments and arranges ‘friendly’ matches. Additional fees are payable to cover these costs.

West Yorkshire Junior League

West Yorkshire Junior League comprises a varying number of divisions in each age group -. U16, U14, U12, U11 and U10, with matches played on a Sunday at central venues across the West Yorkshire region starting in September. In U14 and U16, the season is divided into two; September-December and January-March.

Junior Yorkshire Regional League

A tournament is held in September with the top 8 teams going on to play in a Regional League which runs from September – March. The winners and runners-up of the U14 and U16 Leagues progress to the National Clubs Finals to compete with the top teams from the other eight regions in England. U12 teams that are placed first or second within the four Yorkshire counties are invited to the Regional tournament held in June.

National Club Finals

The National Club Finals are generally held in April/May over a weekend period. Details on the National Clubs Finals can be found on the England Netball website.

Reaching the Finals is the pinnacle of Junior Netball. It is a wonderful experience and team weekend away, playing against talented competition and athletes. It is a huge achievement to reach National Club Finals, which LANC aims for each year. Leeds Athletic Netball Club has often finished in the top six in recent years, often just losing out to the North West teams.

Bury League

U11 – U16 play weekly across the Pennines in a Bury League.

Eng League

U12-U15 games are usually played in Manchester. 


ENG U12-U16

Sisters in Sport U14-U16, U17

Rhinos’s Juniors

How do you join LANC?

Trials are usually held (U12 and above) are held in June and July. These are advertised on the website in May with an electronic entry form to complete. Any athlete wishing to trial outside of the official trial date should complete a contact form which can be found in the “join us” tab on the club website. As a high performance club, LANC is not suitable for every athlete so it is worth thinking carefully about attending for trial.

Can athletes trial for the age group above?

No. All athletes should trial in the correct age group for their date of birth. Coaches have the discretion to move athletes between groups as they see appropriate.

What is the cut-off for the age group teams?

Juniors are considered to be U16:

  • U16 = School Years 10 and 11
  • U14 = School Year 9
  • U13 = School Year 8
  • U12 = School Year 7
  • U11 = School Years 5 and 6
  • U10 – School Year 4 and 5

If your child is not in the correct school year for their age, they will play netball according to the school year their age determines. Sometimes, athletes play in an older age group, and U14 athletes playing-up into seniors must complete an “age-banding” form to obtain permission to play. The coach or team administrator will help with any necessary documentation. This ensures that an athlete is considered competent to play by the coach and parent and remains within the boundaries of athlete safeguarding.

Do I have to attend training?

Athletes are expected to attend all training sessions (unless in exceptional circumstances or by prior arrangement with the coach) and be available for match selection. Should an athlete not be able to attend a training session or a match for which she is selected, then prompt communication with her Coach and Team Administrator is essential. If a player knows in advance that she will not be available for selection (e.g. school field trip), she must also inform her Coach and Team Administrator as far in advance as possible. Players who do not attend regular training, or who break the LANC Code of Conduct, may rule themselves out of selection.

How can I get involved and help?

LANC always welcomes volunteer help. Parents can learn to coach, umpire, or help with administrative support. There are a variety of administrative roles available each year including Treasurer, Secretary, Chair, Social Secretary, Kit Secretary, and Team Administrator for each age group. Volunteer help is always welcome for occasional roles such as creating a document and taking photographs etc. Please contact Susie Stead – if you have time and a willingness to help . The club is run solely by volunteers, so all assistance and work distribution is extremely helpful.

Will you support me to help coach or umpire?

It is in the interests of LANC that club coaches are suitably qualified while supported in continuous skill development. This improves the quality of coaching for the athletes, improves playing standards, and allows the club to compete at a National Level. With this considered, LANC agrees to help fund the following courses for all Coaches: Safeguarding and Protecting Children; Online England Netball Safeguarding; First Aid; Sports First Aid; and Umpiring. LANC pays for the Disclosure and Barring checks plus England Netball Membership for coaches. The club is willing to discuss with individuals any funding to support coaching courses dependent on personal circumstances, the financial position of the club, previous coaching contributions, and future partnership with LANC. After discussion with the Head Coach and committee members, the decision of the Chair will be final. Please contact Penny Allen – for information or to discuss further.

Bursaries are also available from West Yorkshire Netball for Coaching and Officiating Courses.

Do you take athletes from a variety of schools and areas?

We are a welcoming club, and LANC’s aim is to take athletes from many schools and geographical locations provided that the athlete can commit to the LANC terms of membership. Athletes are mainly from Leeds. The training locations are based in Headingley, Harewood and Alwoodley, Rawdon & Bradford; however, there are many girls who travel from farther afield for the high quality of coaching and to be part of our progressive club.

If you are considering undertaking a trial for LANC, you should regularly check the website and social accounts in April/May. This is the time when the trial window opens and the online registration goes live. You need to consider carefully whether LANC is the right club for you and your daughter. Whilst it is a great club, it is not the right environment for everyone. If you can be fully committed to netball, work hard within a high performance atmosphere that has big expectations, then it is the right place. If you and your daughter do not want to be fully committed to netball, or just wish to play recreational netball, then LANC is probably not the right club for you. It is well worth talking to a coach, current athlete, parent of an athlete, or an age group administrator if you need help in making the decision to apply.

Some athletes can find trials a challenging experience as they want to perform to their best ability which may not happen on the day. Trials are not the same as a coaching session, and athletes need to be responsible for themselves on the day.

If you require a late trial, this is at the discretion and permission of Head Coach Maggie Birkenshaw via Susie Stead ( Late trials are for exceptional circumstances. The online application form will still require completion as the information is required to process successful candidate membership.

Day of the Trial

On the day of the trial, you should bring adequate snacks and drinks as there will be no refreshments. Remember to bring prescribed medication, e.g. inhalers. Do not bring mobile phones, media devices or any valuables onto the court; there are no locker facilities and LANC cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen.

Trial Kit

Black or navy shorts/skort/skirt, and a plain white top. Do not wear other team logo-embellished kit. Short white socks, hair tied back, nails trimmed, and no jewellery. Please bring warm outerwear, a hoody or tracksuit to wear between matches.

Be prepared and arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time to enable prompt and efficient registration and to collect your trial number. Allow time to familiarise yourself with your match play schedules which will be prominently displayed at the venue. Please arrive ready to play with all jewellery removed, strapping and supports in place, and nails at regulation length. Trials will be very busy and there will be no time for strapping between matches or sessions.

Listen carefully to the coaches and selectors as there will only be short interval breaks between matches. Note: you may play back-to-back matches in different playing positions. 

Based on the information submitted on the trial registration form, coaches and selectors will have pre-determined the playing positions. Preferred playing positions cannot always be guaranteed, but if you think there is a mistake please speak to the administrators at the registration desk who will try to resolve the problem. There may be some late rescheduling of play schedules as not every registered athlete turns up.

Please note that ONLY athletes are allowed on the court. If you cannot attend for your trial due to unforeseen circumstances, please send a text message to Susie Stead 07985001477. Mobile/WiFi reception at venues is often poor, so please do not telephone. Someone will get back to you, but as the day is a busy one, please understand that a return message may not be immediate.

At the end of the trial, the selectors will discuss the performances they have seen, and all athletes will be informed within a few days via email of their successful or unsuccessful trial and any relevant process thereafter. Please ensure that your athlete contact details are current and that any changes are notified to the club. LANC has limited places in each age group and, as such, not all athletes are successful. Alternative clubs can be suggested for unsuccessful athletes; however, due to athlete numbers at trial, it is not always possible to provide individual feedback.

A late-trial opportunity mid-season is an exception but will be considered by the Head Coach depending upon individual factors and circumstance.